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This project is highlighted starting in its social hall. There, we created an environment with two walls in open angles, coated with mirrors, and a translucent lacy wooden panel-door, amplifying the space.
From the hall, two wooden galleries leads to the service and intimate areas, a living room, a TV and dining room. These three environments are visually integrated by a lining and two walls in U-shape, in wood, and also by the stone floor.
The project differentiates itself with: a suite that was transformed into a playroom; a bathroom in a bathing room with a small pool integrated to another suite for the children; a pantry with a big magazine rack on the wall; french cement floor integrating the service areas; a bar specially designed to receive a cachaça collection and a varanda with a beer cooler.
It's the combination of these differentials that gives the project its own personality - through which we meet the client's expectations and raise our own bar.
Photos: Ilana Bessler