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Morungaba Square


The Morungaba Square in Pinheiros is a true haven just blocks away from the bustling Faria Lima Avenue. A spacious and airy square with lots of trees, playground and fitness equipment, which has become a benchmark for leisure and peacefulness for residents living within a 10 km radius.

With time, however, vegetation has outgrown and impeded pedestrian passage through the narrow sidewalks. There is, in addition, a longstanding requisite that the square be further integrated into the surroundings. When the local Residents Association reached out to us, we developed a study that put this integration in the forefront.

The widening of the sidewalks, the narrowing of the street, the curb gap removal promoting full accessibility: in our proposal, everything was thought out in order to expand the square, giving the feeling that it reaches the entrance of the houses, and that the houses insert themselves into the square.

Another aspect of the project that deserves attention is the lighting: with light poles badly placed and located above the treetops, the square is dimly lit. To solve this problem and open up the look of the square, we proposed to remove the light poles and bring the wiring underground. The landscaping project, conducted in partnership with the Office Burle Marx, is another highlight of our study.

If the study is implemented, the result would be a square that is better lit, better adapted for persons with disabilities, with its green area recovered and more fully incorporated with the surrounding background.