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HBF Showroom


The HBF is a brand that is characterized by the fast fashion concept: collections that get replaced at high speed. As such, the factory showroom - and its main exhibition space - should be designed to keep pace with such rhythm. With this in mind, we developed a dynamic and highly flexible design.

Starting with the coating: the entire space is covered by perforated sheet metal panels, which allows the exhibitors - designed by us – to be placed in a fast and convenient manner. Furthermore, the lighting behind these panels adds a greater sense of depth; and fixtures, which are also fixed on the panels, can be modulated.

The mirrored and light-filled ceiling opening in the entrance is another prominent aspect of the project. When we visited the place, we noticed this triple height ceiling opening and decided to take advantage of it. We then filled it with mirror plates and lamps, and the result is an unearthly, mysterious, and astounding combination.