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Faro 37º 15'


The Hotel is a place for contemplation of the Murro di Porco Lighthouse and its surrounding rough nature. It’s a sophisticated, calm and romantic place for all those who intend to enjoy the relaxation proportionated by isolation and full immersion into the whole picturesque scenario of the lighthouse.
A restricted number of accommodation guarantees the sustainable tourism in this area, encouraging a more conscious use of this protected place.

Since the lighthouse will be opened to a restrict number of visitors to guarantee that tourism function without taint this natural, archeological and architectonical sanctuary the Main Building is a compact structure that contains the reception of the Hotel, Lobby and Restaurant for the general public and guests.
The building takes the form of a ray of light that illuminates the Lighthouse. It is built in pigmented concrete, mimicking with the natural stone in the site.

A refuge in a sea of stone is the main idea of the Guestroom. Inside an astonishing view of the Murro di Porco Lighthouse, nature and sea are framed differently in every room window. Through these windows the stones come almost inside the room fully integrating with the nature that surrounds it. Some units are connected and can be used as double or triple rooms.
The interior is designed to create the feeling of being inside a lighthouse. Is a gift to lighthouse lovers: the guest becomes the lighthouse keeper of his own lighthouse. To reinforce this concept every room has an enclosed staircase, resembling the long stair inside the beacons, leading to a terrace from where they can enjoy a 360 degree view of the Murro di Porco Bay.
As if slice of the existing lighthouse the accommodations have the same finishing. For the interior we used natural Sicilian stone, and Pine wood, all easily found in the area for a more sustainable design.