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Dona Bartô


When the makers of Dona Bartô asked us to develop the logo and the label for this premium cachaça made ​​with lemon and honey, we paused to reflect. After all, it was a graphic design project, unlike the typical projects we are customarily engaged in. After some tasting sessions, however, we took up the challenge.
We noticed that a single sip of Dona Bartô is equivalent to opening a window into the country side’s blue sky, and to let in the fresh air that does all of us so well. And it was exactly this impression that we sought in print: envisioning the initial D and B as large sides of an open, organic, rustic and striking colonial window.
The result is a logo that uses lightness and the bucolic nostalgia - the exact visual translation for a drink that comes to refresh the day to day life and to unwind the ideas.