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We were invited to create a city at Serra do Roncador, at Mato Grosso state. The region offers immense natural attractions - like rivers, lakes, caves and diverse fauna - also hosting a workers village, a mistic group and an indian reserve.

What is involved in projecting a new city? In this case, developing and coordinating diverse parallel activities: considering the entire infrastructure and everything involved in its growing; form a multidisciplinary team to join important points; take care of the sustainability for the city to grow without conflicting with the environment, among others.

The junction of these activities created an environment friendly urban design, that is socially conscious. Health, economy, transportation and culture were the priority themes, and our Rocador city project assures balance between human and nature density, besides forecasting a solid infrastructure in all senses.

Environmental consciousness also guided the architecture. For the construction, we considered the abundant use of local resources, like the limestone. The stages of its result is presented here: a city completely integrated to the region, full of charm for the visitors. And quality of life for the residents.