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MM House


In this project, the full integration between environments is rampant. Downstairs, there are no divisions between TV rooms, living and dining rooms; doors open to the outdoor area, providing the space a large balcony feel.  A single set of stairs, irrespective of social and service use, connects the basement, the ground floor and the upper floors. The semi-Olympic swimming pool, set on the side corner, makes its way to the inside of the house via a glass wall, which makes for a more natural, serene atmosphere.

On the upper floors, this integration was also sought. The master bedroom’s first floor, for example, opens onto two balconies that communicate with the plaza in front and with the back.

The project also took into consideration the client's passion for art. Simple and practical solutions as, for example, a large panel of wood with fixed frames, visually integrates the living room area and the pool with hidden metallic profiles, which enables full flexibility in arrangement of the art pieces.