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When the owner of this apartment invited us to create this project, there was only one requirement: a space that reflected herself, without great extravagances, to be the first place she would call hers.

With this request in mind, we searched for innovation through elementary solutions - but that together, would make this a unique project.

Some of these solutions: we drew a room, and not a suite; integrated the most we could of the spaces; used simple materials; left the concrete structure apparent, since its design is outstanding; enabled, through the gutter, the indirect lighting; did the flooring in wood; projected the furniture in carbon steel and natural wood; divided the wet spaces with colors, with a bathroom in blue tile, the lavatory painted in green, and a kitchen with french cement floor.

At the end, a sense of mission accomplished: a simple apartment, but full of character. And the owner - the author of this personality - completely satisfied.

Photos: Leonardo Finotti