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This is the stage design was created for the "1915" play by Arthur Haroyan. The play tackles the Armenian Genocide, which occurred in the year of the title, and was performed in 2012.

The scenario consists of two pomegranate trees, a living one and a dead one, and the play acts are developed between them. Each of them represents a core of characters: the living tree represents the living, and the dead one, the dead characters.

A wide "magic door" that opens and closes with the help of actors, carries the narrative between the present and the past. There are also several antique chairs, each representing the origins of the characters. Furthermore, there is an object of sinister symbolic value: a large mirror covered with a black cloth, that, once revealed, it can be noticed that it is broken, distorting the image of those who gazed there. Such distortion is amplified by the lighting, which accentuates the drama of the narrative.